Married one hundred days, and the surgery must be done tostrengthen co-marital relations



Now this society does a lot of divorce, this is my ownconstruction of meaning, each person in the marriage one hundred days, and thesurgery must be done together, strengthening their emotions, junction a happyfamily, children bear a full house.


When "Harmony technique" indeed felt amazing, andmost people, would like to defy attempts Hop surgery authenticity.

But for me, at that time, "Harmony surgery" is aterm heard from others in his mouth, the only known role is to sacrificerefining practices to restore and enhance feelings of marriage for men andwomen of the occult.

Since it involves the occult, I dare not try, succeedbetter said, did not succeed to have anything happen, I think will neverforgive.

On anything, I do not fight the battle without preparation,or do, or not do. Perhaps because of his attitude towards this for a long time,in this matter I have not been able to try before, resulting in a sense ofcuriosity in the minds constantly grow, but those who hear or see the wordabout the "Harmony technique" will follow.

Then have asked a few master, nothing else, it also beganto access to relevant information, and gradually learned that some of the"Harmony technique" fur, whatever the outcome, to meet my curiosity.


Yan return "Harmony technique", although surgeryis the Taoist harmony handed down occult, but whether it is Taoism, Buddhism orother martial art has spread Hop on record, and thus derived from variousversions of Harmony surgery origin and method of operation. But I think theother sects Hop technique does not apply to "harmony" in the title,in a number of "Harmony technique" there is also classified as Fa,evil teachings, overcast law, medicine law, break laws, Spell, pro-law, Ecstasy, insanity law, drop method, witchcraft, and so on.


Competence is the fox to charm each other to produceeffects to achieve the purpose, the general master introduced was talking toyou increase personal charm, this is now more of a society; Yao technique ofharmony, there is a drug law, that they are known as the "love drug";as well as with the yin and yang grass, stone yin and yang, and so do theharmony surgery Ruyan media; Miao insanity surgery can be done to the partyunder the insanity; Ecstasy harmony surgery, the use of Ecstasy law, somecrossing place something, a cross on the move; some direct shot at you, callyou cry like; is said to have to start with you can move, and this method hasnot seen purely heard; Yin method, you can use Yinbing or ghosts do this thing;pail surgery; surgery Feng Shui harmony; harmony spells surgery, there is a wayto cast with Fushui; there are other such as voodoo art, flowers surgery, Henanteach, witchcraft, etc., but does not common, do not do too much heredescribed. Hop surgery practice numerous different methods to comply with thegods are not the same, such as Hop Immortals, Hop boy, by the edge founder,each sect master in charge of marriage, joking, candraprabha, Hung Luen stargod, Ecstasy king, fox, overcast God the spirit world, and many other immortalgods.

Dhamma Hop surgery is the compliance of the gods HopImmortals, Hop Immortals is one of Chinese folk gods, one orthodox Taoist godsis enshrined. Legend has it that thousands of Chinese who return because hisbrother went to the battlefield, parents miss crying, by relatives to thebattlefield. Thousands of miles away, in Evening back, hence the name "Wanback", people commonly known "Wan back to his brother." A symbolof their family harmony, since the Song Dynasty ritual as "harmony"of God; the Tang Dynasty, Wang Chun Kwan fire division in Hengshan Ms. XiangNanyue Wei Huacun consult harmony of the law, Ms. Wei then submitted HopImmortals do metaphor, told granted zhenjun to arteries The secret, calledHarmony is the art of Feng Please call the shots Hop Immortals of Taoist ritualTech law of God, a Ms. Yu Wei, mainly spread in the supernatant, clear microand other Taoist School. This is one of the more reliable interpretation of apaternity personally believe that the other is derived from Buddhism, legendand legitimate from Cold Mountain Manjusri Samantabhadra Tuas incarnation ofthe Lost Immortals Hop, Hop Immortals in Guoqing Temple practice, They are twoBodhisattva Manjushri Samantabhadra incarnation. Buddha has two Buddhas Tuasand watch to see that many practitioners disturbed beings love lovesick, adilemma, and therefore shows now elusive incarnation, the creation of harmonyof the Dhamma. This method is that the thrust of trouble off the feelings ofconfusion, because the world of love, is that the case give rise to no availretreat trouble a lot of confusion, and let them go. Harmony II Holy blessingit is with immense magic beings, who quickly as married couples, who are not asfast in the political arena, so that all beings never reconciled to clean.Harmony's still as statues Shichuan Pengtou the smiling face of God, a holdinglotus, a handful of round boxes, meaning "and the (Dutch) harmonictogether (box) good."


Ecstasy Hop technique, referred to Wo Hop Wo Hop surgery tohelp men and women to restore feelings, a change of heart, love cold one kindof spell. Birthdates practice by both sides, one of Ecstasy Hop Maoshan surgeryis occult. The only contemporary successor is Maoshan supernatant Tour deFrance statue road long a pulse.


Hop surgery just a vague term for carefully distinguisheven into marriage harmony, Liu Qin Hop, fans together, breaking severalcategories together.


Hop surgery, the best and most suitable solution, thefailure rate is the lowest in the couple harmony, harmony-law, his son andrelatives could one class harmony surgery, generally performed in the feelingswere not smooth or marriage, break up, and so you can have an affair restore aloved one. And this harmony for the Master is willing to do the most, one can accumulatemerit, and secondly, the success rate is high.

You can receive more satisfactory results.

This secret operation will only contemporary who very fewcharlatans addition.


Metaphysics and civil claims are many patients who do hehe,did not fully grasp the essence of harmony surgery or have temporary effect,but the bite is much greater than the consequences of harvest, together andsoon, while orthodox Taoism can do really have very few patients who EcstasyHarmony , almost lost the supernatant respect for the Tour de France to sendmore representative of contemporary long road was undoubtedly the onlyremaining is the only remaining representative Hop technique everyone.


Hop Hop Immortals Taoism surgery began, Wo Hop Immortals isthe main Chinese folk gods emotional perfection, marital harmony, hence forHarmony II st. Legend has it that thousands of Chinese who return because hisbrother went to the battlefield, parents miss crying, by relatives to thebattlefield. Thousands of miles away, in Evening back, hence the name "Wanback", people commonly known "Wan back to his brother." A symbolof their family harmony, since the Song Dynasty ritual as "harmony"God, Hop Immortals are Taoist gods enshrined as one of the orthodox.


Taoist legend, the Tang Dynasty, Wang Chun Kwan firedivision in Hengshan Ms. Xiang Nanyue Wei Huacun consult harmony of the law,Ms. Wei then submitted Hop Immortals do metaphor, told granted zhenjun toarteries tips, called Harmony is the art of Feng Please call the shots Act HopImmortals Taoist ritual Tech God, a Ms. Yu Wei, mainly spread in Taoism.


Marriage split largely demolished emotional use, generallyperformer is mostly used character method, this method is the most horribleplace character that it can not dismantle marriage, scary is that it is splitbonded conditions quite small, just to have the two sides The character can befor treatment, law-breaking co-operation, there are some key spells and lawformula ordinary Zhoufa is the same, there are some broken combined surgeryesoteric crows also need to ask God to break together, usually broken closesurgical treatments to the final stage, require Master stationary, then waitswhen there is abnormal sound or other vision found quickly shouted, some aresuddenly hit the sword, some are suddenly in symbol ceremony a hit, shoved ortalk too much hair, or would like the two sides into the water and firelegislation warfare, not a while the same, but the results are very good.However, co-operation are generally broken not light with the specifiedrequirements, it is not an essential, general Master is not willing to do.

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